Ebook to Print Covers

The Box is now available as a paperback from Amazon! Yay! It took me a while to get it up for a few reasons. One, I find the people who buy my paperback are almost exclusively friends and family. As much as I love their support, I feel like having a paper copy pressures them into buying the book and even reading it when it’s probably not their thing. I don’t like pressuring people.

Another reason I hold off is because it’s a pain in the behind. I get my book ready for the kindle by formatting the document and designing a cover, and then I have to do it all over again for the print version.

What have I learned after four books?

Design the print cover first.

Every time I’ve designed the ereader version first and have run into the same problem. How do I turn the vertical cover design into a seamless horizontal wraparound? The only answer is to completely rebuild the cover using the new size.

If I took the ebook cover and added the extra width to make it wide enough to wrap around the whole book, there would be distinguishable line where the kindle cover ends and the rest of the print cover begins. Not very professional.

However, if I do the wraparound version first, I can easily trim it down to make the kindle cover. No fuss no muss.

Will I follow my own advice in the future? We’ll have to see. Though I’m never one to follow good advice. Especially my own.

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