Fun stuff and stuff.

Did some more adjusting of the website. Don’t worry, I think it’s going to stay like this for a while. But then again….

No, I promise, no more mucking about. Unless it’s to add more fun things. You like fun things right? Well hey, look at that link at the top of the page. What does it say? I can’t quite read it.

Oh yeah, FUN STUFF!

Right now it holds the two videos I’ve done (A year ago! Wow, where did the time go?) and I should be putting up some more soon.

Also, brand new today, I decided to make some desktop wallpapers. Want to see more of Tab, Lou and Sin? Well you can have them on your computer all day long. And hey, they’re free. So, enjoy! Hopefully I’ll think of some other designs to do soon to add to that page as well.

So keep your eye out on this website. Lots more to come.



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