Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a great 2013. Here are a few highlights of my year.

January 2013 my sister had healthy triplets. Identical boys and a girl. I predict the girl is going to become a writer since she’s already such a daydreamer. My sister says they are all going to be doctors and they can be artists on the side if they want. I can’t argue with her logic. Haha.

March I published The Journal, the second book in The Box series. Sin was happy to get her own novel, but she’s not quite sure why the series doesn’t revolve around her. Sorry Sin.

June I published The Sword, the third book in The Box series. Back to Lou and Aldric in this installment. Poor Al has a hard time of it in this story.

June also saw the publication of Donkey Oatie’s Field Trip, written by Tom H. Rath and illustrated by me. My first children’s book. They’re much harder than I imagined.

A gorgeous summer meant a lot of swimming and relaxing needed to be done.

A local writers group also had their first mini convention in August where members were encouraged to write for a full week. During that time, I taught my first class on cover design. I also spoke with a panel of three other professionals about the business of publishing.

October I finally got out to California to meet my sister’s little monkeys. Got to be the first to see one of them crawl and was there for their first Halloween. They dressed up as…you guessed it, three little monkeys.

November brought an album release. I illustrated and designed a CD case for two singers, Amy and Rachel Beck. Love their music. Their songs are really catchy.

I also got to talk to a high school creative writing class about books and writing. It was a blast. Though, it was an interesting reminder that a lot of teens don’t actually read YA books. Hopefully they’ll return to it in their 20’s.

December I released a “box set” of the first three books of The Box series on Amazon and I finished rewriting The University.

2013 was pretty fun, but I’m really looking forward to 2014. Lots more writing and drawing to be done. And it’s all going to begin with the release of The University in just a few days!


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