Is everyone’s life cooler than mine?

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If you’re on my page, you probably have a rough understanding of the type of books I write. Young adult paranormal. In other words, I take realistic people (kind of), throw magic at them and delight as they squirm uncomfortably.

Recently I brought paperback copies of my books to a couple of events to sell and have had people stop and read the blurb on the back of the book. As they set the book back on the table, they smile up at me and ask “Is this based on a true story?”

The first time this happened, I laughed aloud, sure that the gentleman asking was joking. Except he didn’t laugh with me.

I awkwardly cleared my throat and said as kindly as possible, “No, I write fiction. The stories are made up.”

“Do you believe in magic?” His smile was pleasant and to all appearances he was being completely serious.

Not sure how to answer, I thought back to my times as a child, attempting to cast spells and summon ghosts and say, “I wish it were real.”

“Well,” he said with a tap of his finger on my book cover, “You must have been spying through my window, because this sounds exactly like my life.”

As he walked away, I wondered if maybe he was teasing me, or perhaps he was simply crazy, be he came off as neither.

When a few days ago I was once again asked if my books were based on my life, I began to wonder. Am I the only one in the world who hasn’t had marvelous magical adventures? I’ve gone on adventures, traveled to castles, unintentionally swam with seals, discovered old abandoned houses full of stories I’ll never know.

Never have I had a man the size of my thumb fall onto my lap and say “Hello.”


Tell me, how much magic fills your life? Make me jealous with your stories!


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