Judge A Book By It’s Cover #2

Ever judge whether you will buy a book based on it’s cover? Of course you have. The cover, along with the title are all an author has to convince you to pick up a book and take a closer look.

Each week I randomly choose a cover from Amazon’s new releases and I discuss what works for me, what doesn’t and why.

Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley

Initial reaction to the cover…
Looks like a romance. Fairly standard idea of featuring the two main character in a loving embrace with a script font for the title. The darker colours in the photo make me think there’s a bit of a dark twist to this story. Not particularly inventive in the design, but it does the job of telling the reader what the story is as well as catching the eye with it’s rich colours and pretty picture.

A deeper look…
Notice the heart next to the title that looks like it’s a part of the font? Yeah, that’s a nice touch.

I’m not a fan of this particular script font. Things like the way the “S” in “Music” dips down lower than the other letters causes weight of each letter to be uneven and makes my eye think the words aren’t quite straight on the page. Also the “I” in the same word isn’t attached to the letter before it cause it to feel unfinished.

The tattoo on his arm drives me a bit nuts. I know nothing about tattoos, but even I know they are never look perfectly black like that unless they were just put on the skin. It’s too clearly photoshopped to me, though probably the average observer wouldn’t think twice about it.

Final thoughts…
I love the combination of the blue from the background and the red of the type, and I think that is what really gives this cover it’s punch. If I were the author, I’d be happy to have this cover and would trust it to catch the attention of the right readers.


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