Judge A Book By It’s Cover #3

Ever judge whether you will buy a book based on it’s cover? Of course you have. The cover, along with the title are all an author has to convince you to pick up a book and take a closer look.

Each week I randomly choose a cover from Amazon’s new releases and I discuss what works for me, what doesn’t and why.

The Other Side of Us by Sarah Mayberry

Initial reaction…
Meh. Boring. And what’s up with that font choice?

A deeper look…
The more I look at this, the more I realise, it’s not the font that bothers me, but the fact that it feels like someone took a photo and slapped all of the other elements on top and then said, “Done!”

Could the designer at least chosen another colour other than black for the font? And maybe not had the random line between the title and the author’s name. The line isn’t even even between the two.

The only thing that looks like it was designed on this cover is the Harlequin banner. The design on the banner itself looks nice, and works well with the well designed Harlequin logo. However, once again “Super Romance” seems to have been slapped on top using a generic script.

Final thoughts…
This cover isn’t terrible, it’s just not particularly good either. I feel like the company must have given up on hiring designers for each cover and instead has some intern throw the name on in a generic serif type and size predetermined long before they know what the book is actually going to be called. They know they’re going to sell book no matter what the cover actually looks like, so why bother spending the money? Bad Harlequin. Bad.


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