Judge A Book By It’s Cover #4

Ever judge whether you will buy a book based on it’s cover? Of course you have. The cover, along with the title are all an author has to convince you to pick up a book and take a closer look.
Each week I randomly choose a cover from Amazon’s new releases and I discuss what works for me, what doesn’t and why.

With This Kiss (Part Three) by Eloise James

Initial reaction to the cover…
Nice. Looks like a sweet romances story. Can’t tell much about the story, but it a recognizable style that people looking for Harlequin style novels will enjoy.

A deeper look…
This cover uses one of the most simple and powerful techniques of cover design. Take a solid photo, do little to no photoshopping to change the image beyond cleaning it up to pop, add some clean text and voila, you have a cover.

The banner with “Part Three” written at the bottom looks a little too plastic for my taste. I would have loved to see something that looks more like it’s made out of silk or at least have a bit more texture to give it a softer feel. The font over top feels a little too large. I’d rather it didn’t touch the border the way it does.

I’m not sure I understand what’s going on with the bush at the bottom right corner. It seems to be transparent, as though it’s a layer someone put over the original image, but I don’t see any reason to have added it in the first place. It looks like a mistake to me.

Final thoughts…
A solid design for a romance novel. Nothing particularly original but it does the job.


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