NaNoWriMo 2013

Looks like it’s November again. And once again I’m going to make an attempt at writing a novel in a month. It’s not impossible for me, far from. When I have a good week, I can easily write half a novel. But as of yet I’ve never officially finished a novel in a month.

Time to make this the year!

I’m going to work on something a little different. A fantasy romance. No running around and saving the world (or failing to as the case may be). This time it’s all about the people.

I started this book well over a year ago, but only ever wrote two chapters. So I’m starting again. I wrote out an outline and everything. Very different for me.

Here’s to finishing a book in a month! Let me know if you’re working on NaNo this year too. We can cheer and mock each other as required.

Current Word Count – 2156/50000


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