The Sword News – Victor Leaves The University

Rumors that wizard Victor, headmaster of The University, is taking an extended leave of absence from the University have been confirmed.

When asked why he was taking time away, he responded, “I’ve recently come upon some exciting information I am eager to pursue.” Although he would not explain further what information he has discovered, or how he found the information, he did say, “If the information is true, you can expect great changes in this world. Changes beyond anything seen for generations.”

Victor went on to assure us The University will be operating as usual in his absence under the guidance of wizard Hankin. Hankin has been an instructor with The University for ten years and has become respected as one of the most knowledgeable wizards in the understanding of sorceress power.

Victor refused to comment on when he might return to the University, saying “Right now my expertise is needed elsewhere. Hankin is a fine wizard and will do The University and The Sword proud.”


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