What Does “Dictionary” mean? #1

Words, words, words. What do they mean? And what story can be told about each one?
Each week I chose a random word out of my old (copyright 1962) Thorndike – Barnhart High School Dictionary by closing my eyes, flipping through the pages and pointing to spot on the page. Both the word and it’s meaning are copied directly from the dictionary.
What comes after is an original piece of flash fiction based entirely on the word. No idea’s have been preconceived and I start writing seconds after reading the word. No time to think. No time to stress.

Feces – n,pl 1. waste matter discharged from the intestines. 2. dregs; sediment. Also, faeces.

I was a king once. Living in a palace with hundreds of servants who spent their entire lives bending over backward to please me. And now here I am. Searching for and digging through feces.

Not for fun, obviously. But a man has to eat, and so I’m forced to do what I must.

No, wait. That didn’t come out at all like I’d meant. Let me explain. I don’t eat the feces. I repeat. I do not eat it. However, I am forced to dig through. With my hands. And the people who hired me do not provide gloves. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

You may be wondering what I hope to find by shoving my arms wrist deep into dragon dung. Well let me tell you, there is more treasure hidden in each pile then you’d ever imagine. After all, what do you think happens to all of the armour and jewellery of the people the dragon eats? It doesn’t just go away. Collecting the remains is more lucrative than you’d imagine.

How did I go from being a king to a procurer of discarded goods? Well, now that’s quite a tale. One of heroics, true love, adventure, and finally a betrayal. It all began one gorgeous summer evening when I decided to stroll through my palace gardens with…

Oh! Lookit! There’s a good pile. Time to get to work.



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