What Does “Dictionary” Mean? #2


Words, words, words. What do they mean? And what story can be told about each one?
Each week I chose a random word out of my old (copyright 1962) Thorndike – Barnhart High School Dictionary by closing my eyes, flipping through the pages and pointing to spot on the page. Both the word and it’s meaning are copied directly from the dictionary.
What comes after is an original piece of flash fiction based entirely on the word. No idea’s have been preconceived and I start writing seconds after reading the word. No time to think. No time to stress.


Mournv. 1. grieve. 2. feel or show sorrow over.

There was a time when I would cry when someone died. If I knew them, the tears would flow even harder, but even if I didn’t the pain of their loss would hit me with such strong emotions, I couldn’t help but mourn them.

Since my own death, I’ve found it impossible to feel anything but envy toward those who pass. At least they get to rest. Their time in this world is over and whatever they accomplished or didn’t no longer matters as they leave this existence and go on to whatever’s next.

Me? I have to watch them go and know I’ll never experience their peace. Those that they leave behind will mourn and then eventually they will move on, continuing to live their own lives, as it should be. No one could mourn me. Because I never left. I have been here, walking among them as though nothing’s changed, though everything has.

I’ve heard of other like me. Over time, their skin becomes as cold as stone, and their eyes as red as fire. They have learned ways to control their own blood, the source of both life and death, in order to control the souls of those who have died near them.

I will find that power, and I will use every drop of my blood to bring back those who have gone. There will be no more tears and no one will mourn since no one will ever die. The world will be cursed as I have been.

And if everyone is cursed, then no one is.


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